Rank 1 is an Indiana-based music label officially founded in 2019. Rank 1 got its name from a pre-established music group which DJ RamZ was a part of. 


Rank 1 Strives to have great relationships with each and every artist we work with and come into contact with. we do not objectify artists as their dollar amount value. we lock in only 10% streaming profits, Paid performances, merchandise, and features (Only if arranged by our music label ex. features you arrange without assistance or promotion from the label are not subject to compensation of the label!!). We Also allow our artists to decide which of their singles/projects they would like to submit to the label for distribution, Music videos with our in-house videographers, promotion with our marketing teams (Music AND Merchandise!!!)

Why This is a huge deal?

We hear constantly nowadays about artists having issues with their labels and we noticed that 99.one hundred% of these issues came either from: The artist not being properly compensated or the artist being restricted in their work, work relationships, and really general freedomwhy treat your artists like slaves while you have them sign away 15-30% (industry average) of their passion and work to you??? Rank 1 is coming at the game an entirely new way and we are definitely here to stick around. #nocap